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About Us

Stuttering Buffalo is a satirical sports news source designed for Bills, Sabres and sports fans in general. The pictures, stories, and content produced in this site do not contain the slightest amount of truth, integrity, accuracy, accountability and according to most people – humor.

The purpose of this website is to provide a creative outlet for sports most tortured fans. The resume speaks for itself:

  • 4 straight Super Bowl losses
  • Losing the ’99 Stanley Cup on an illegal goal
  • Losing the ’00 Wild card Playoff game on an illegal forward pass
  • Fans still wearing God damn Zubaz pants
  • Watching their co-captains walk in ’07 so GM Darcy Regier can lock up a core group of Derek Roys, Paul Gaustads and Tim Connollys
  • Having that same GM say years later that fans will have to endure actual suffering
  • And oh yeah, the most famous player in Buffalo sports history killing those people