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Goodell Explains To Referee Carl Cheffers Just How Important This Super Bowl Is

Roger Goodell reminds Super Bowl referee Carl Cheffers the NFL has his family and will act on it if New England wins

HOUSTON, TX – Hours prior to kickoff, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spent a few moments with referee Carl Cheffers explaining to the 17 year veteran just how important tonight’s Super Bowl is – not only for the league but for all of mankind.

“I thought it was nice of the commissioner to take some time out and see how I was doing. It meant a lot” said Cheffers from the referee’s locker room.

“At first he was pretty calm and normal but then got rather intense. He kept winking and coughing every time he said to call a fair game. Finally he cut right through the bull shit and told me that my family was being held at the NFL headquarters and Brady and New England better not win this fucking game”.

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