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Russ Brandon Disappointed Pegulas Only Have 2 Franchises He Can Ruin

Bills and Sabres President Russ Brandon saddened with Pegulas for not having more franchises he can ruin

BUFFALO, NY – With the firings of Dan Bylsma and Tim Murray, sources close to Pegulas say that Sabres and Bills Team President Russ Brandon has been despondent over the last few days over there not being more franchises he can run into the ground.

“Russ used to be this very happy-go-lucky person who loved ruining just one of the regions most beloved sports teams” said an anonymous source. “And now that he’s able to shit all over the hockey team too, it’s like that’s not even enough for him now. He wants more and wants it now!”

There have been no official statements from the Pegulas on acquiring an MLB or NBA franchise for Buffalo but if they do, Russ Brandon has assured them he would be happy to assist the development of little to no success while continuing to sell false hope to a region that deserves much better.

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